IV Therapy at Home

05Jul 2022

IV Therapy at Home

IV Therapy has been making a lot of noise lately, but many of us don’t fully understand how it works. So, what is IV therapy? IV therapy is a technique for delivering vitamins and fluids intravenously: the nutrients are administered directly to your veins via infusion, often called a drip. This direct method bypasses digestion, which allows the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream and body 100%.

What to Expect During Your IV Therapy?

Our IV therapy sessions are easy, quick, and comfortable. You’ll start by booking your appointment, where you can schedule an appointment as soon as the same day.

Your nurse will arrive at your home and sanitize the surfaces where you’ll have treatment. Your nurse will also collect information regarding your medical history and conduct a physical assessment. When you’re ready, your nurse will gently administer the IV. From there, you can relax while fluid drips from the IV bag into your bloodstream. After treatment, you can go about your day.

How Long Does It Work?

The length of time for your therapy will depend on the type of IV. IV Therapy generally takes from 35 minutes to 50 minutes to administer. You may experience initial noticeable results in 3-4 days after having an IV drip. The effect of the drip will continue to work over the next few days and weeks.

No time for an IV? Try our Injections

These injections are excellent for strengthening immunity, boosting energy, and improving mood via high quality vitamin infusions. Examples: If you want an energy boost or a precise combination of vitamins to improve metabolism include a B-complex on your infusion.

How Is IV Therapy Better Than Oral Supplements

Compared to oral administration, IV therapy is faster and more effective. Our stomach and digestive tract break down vitamins when we take them orally (by mouth), allowing only about 50 percent to be absorbed. When using IV therapy, your body absorbs closer to 100% of the essential nutrients and vitamins, bypassing the gut and delivering them straight to your bloodstream.

What’s inside Ruaa IV Therapy?

The fluids inside our IV bag depend on the type of therapy you are undergoing. Intravenous solutions can contain saline, vitamins, minerals, and sometimes medication.

IV Therapy Common Treatments or Uses

IV therapy has been recommended by physicians and delivered by licensed healthcare professionals for more than a century. Dehydration, a number of medical disorders, and symptoms of illnesses including the common cold, the flu, and morning sickness can all be treated with IV therapy. Most importantly, IV therapy provides the nutrients and vitamins required to raise your quality of life and length of life. Through our IV Therapy treatments, you can increase your energy, quicken your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, get over jet lag or hangovers, and completely recharge your mind and body through our IV Therapy treatments.

It can boost immunity, cleanse & detox, and instantly hydrate your whole body in addition to increasing your energy. Vitamin absorption is 100% with Immediate Results.

How Often Should I Get IVs?

Even a single session can make a difference. Single sessions are a great way to experience the benefits of IV Therapy. Occasion therapies like Hangover Solution are a great way to recover from a big night out and feel better right away. Consistent IV Therapy can keep you improving your wellbeing exponentially over time.

We recommend getting IVs once a week for consistent support to maintain your total wellbeing. For your convenience, we offer packages for the best value. On average our clients get 1-2 times per week, depending on the goals.

Latest Developments in IV Therapy: NAD+

Identified by leading scientists as the youth molecule, Nicotinamide adenine nucleotide, abbreviated as NAD+, is central to mind-body function. NAD+ plays an essential role in metabolism and aging, our physical energy, weight, mood, and life expectancy. NAD+ regulates oxytocin secretion, the hormone that creates happiness and manages stress. NAD+ has been shown to both prevent and reverse aging impact, including decreasing inflammation and pain. Our personalized NAD+ IV therapy helps replenish your NAD+ amounts.

Where To Get IV Therapy

Ruaa Healthcare is offering IV Therapy at home, office, or hotel. To talk to an IV Therapy professional or call us at +971 54 581 0279 to book your appointment.